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alternativeSchema - x-oas-draft-alternativeSchema

Media Type Object

Fixed Fields
Field Name Type Description
alternativeSchemas [alternative Schema Object] List of alternative schemas. These schemas can be used in addition to, or as an alternative to any existing schema property. If both OAS Schema and alternative schemas are present then both the OAS schema and one of the alternative schemas SHOULD be respected. Alternative schemas MUST be processed in order. It is sufficient for tooling to process just the first alternative schema they are capable of processing in order to consider the content as valid. If tooling cannot process any alternative schemas, then they MAY issue a warning, but MUST not report the OpenAPI description as invalid.

Alternative Schema Object

This object makes it possible to reference an external file that contains a schema that does not follow the OAS specification.

Fixed Fields
Field Name Type Description
type string REQUIRED. The value MUST match one of the values identified in the alternative Schema Registry name of the tag.
externalValue url REQUIRED. This is a absolute or relative reference to an external file containing a schema of a known type.

This object MAY be extended with Specification Extensions.